The Long Way Home

This has been a long road for me. I started a blog many years ago and just didn’t put in the effort needed to get it off the ground. I finally decided that I was going to put more effort into it and get it going. Then I started having issues with the server I was using so now I am in the midst of transferring from one server to another. It is definitely a learning process! Right now I am just trying to get a few pages published so I can learn to use the new format and figure out what I am doing. My fear though is that I could possibly lose all of my posts that were on the other site. Luckily, there weren’t many of them but they were posts that were important to me, so I will work diligently to see if I can figure out how to get this transfer to work out. I really feel that the change was needed ¬†and that it will be much better after I get the kinks worked out. Please check back often and leave comments! I am looking forward to hearing your input. I would love any suggestions that you have such as a recipe you would like to see me post about. Maybe questions about cooking or crafting. I will also appreciate any constructive criticism that you care to share. Thanks in advance….I hope you enjoy my blog!

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