Off Road…like it or not

There is absolutely nothing like being hijacked by your family! You would think that sooner or later I would figure it out and not let it happen…but NOOO…not me! They got me again!

Sooo….Hubby and I were invited to our local OHV Park  to see our
Grandaughter get her birthday present. She is going to be 11 years old soon….I have no idea where the time goes! Anyway…we went down to the park and sang Happy Birthday, had cake and ice cream and waited for the big birthday surprise! Now…I have to say here that this Mamaw was not at all excited about what the birthday gift was but no amount of talking was going to do any good in changing the minds of her parents. So what do you do? You suck it up. Bite your tongue as best you can. And be excited that she got exactly what she wanted for her birthday!


I feel the need to repeat that she is going to be ELEVEN! She is not even really that comfortable riding her bike yet! YIKES!!! It is almost more than this Mamaw can handle. My daughter should be glad that I was too  young and naive when she was growing up to even begin to think of all the things that could go wrong or dangers that were around each corner. Trust me…we have discussed this. Her childhood would have been way different if I would have had her later in life. But…I digress. So…Grandaughter (I’ll call her K) got a brand new 4 wheeler to ride at the OHV Park. Her brother got one for his birthday last year and they have been riding it for a little while now. I honestly didn’t think this was something she would ever want because she is alot like me. As her Momma says…”Girlie”. We don’t like to get dirty. We don’t like to do scary things. We like frilly…crafty…girlie things. Well…it looks like they might be winning her over to the other side because she LOVES to ride the trails! Who would have ever thought?! Certainly not Me. Here she is…she looks girlie to me!



There she is getting her present. She absolutely loved it! Brand new and BLUE!

So the parents say we are going to all go down and watch the kids go around the kid track. They had two off road vehicles there so the guys got in one with Tyler driving and Me and Jenni got in the other one. I was driving because well…I am not a good passenger! So off we go. I had never even been in a vehicle like this before let alone drove one at a place that I had never been either. Tyler and Richie were leading the pack with C (grandson) on his 4 wheeler with his passenger in tow, then K on hers and me and Jenni following…we were the caboose. Just in case the kids needed help there was someone in front and someone in back. So…we get to the kids track….Tyler leads a lap around. I will be honest. I didn’t even want to go down the very first hill that you had to go down to get on the track!!! But I go down and go around. Now…this is not just a flat track…it had mud holes all over the place!!!  NOT A FAN!!! I went around one time and then pulled into the middle. My intent for even going was to be able to get pictures  of the kids riding. I went to WATCH!!! No where in any of this was it mentioned that I would be participating in a RIDE!


(photo credit Jenni Lindsey)

What was I saying as she was trying to take this picture  you ask? I was saying…you better get a good one because I am getting off this thing and this will be the last time you get me in it. And that was after one lap around the “10 and UNDER” track! Oh…I forgot to mention the 6 year old who we passed driving over to the track! He passed us…flipped us the peace sign…and flew on by!!! WHAT?!?!!!??


Just a couple pictures of K going around the kid track.

And here is one of C and his passenger A.


I haven’t mentioned this but…he is only 9!!! WHEW….too much for this Mamaws heart to take sometimes.

So after they spent a little while going around the track we headed back to the trailer. Or did we. The son in law is actually the manager at the OHV park and he decided to take us on a tour while we were out and about. I kept telling Jenni that I didn’t want to go but she kept telling me it would be ok because he was going places the kids could go and we had to follow because we were the caboose. I trudged on. Not willingly. He took us to places that I did not want to go! I had a hard enough time on the kids track…why in the world did he think that it would be ok to take me out in the WOODS just as it was turning dark….on trails that had massive mud holes…and HILLS! IN THE DARK!!! We came down and then up one hill, turned the corner, and C and his passenger were STUCK right in the middle of this big mud puddle. Jenni tried to call Tyler…she didn’t get him so she got out and had to go help C get unstuck out of the mud hole. I tried to call Tyler too so he could come back and help get them unstuck….NO PHONE SERVICE!!! Great….it is now almost dark. I am in the woods on this off road vehicle not knowing where I am or how far it is until I get back to civilization. When Jenni came back I said…”You need to tell Tyler to get me out of these D*!# woods right now!!! She got back in and we went forward. Now K is stuck. Tyler is trying to help her. C goes past and he is right behind the lead vehicle waiting for them to get K loose. Because she is stuck in an even bigger mud hole than the earlier one, he is over to the side of the front vehicle in a weird position. She is gunning the gas and just spinning and slinging water and mud everywhere!!! I was hoping that Tyler was getting most of it! Haha! Unfortunately, K got most of it. He got her out and they took off K right behind them. But guess what. C was stuck again because of the spot he was in. Jenni has to go up and get him. This mud hole was several yards long!!! She says…”Just let me get him going and you come pick me up on the other side”. Really. I have to drive through this thing by myself? And everyone else is already out of sight. What if I get stuck? No phone service. It’s dark. I am one unhappy Mamaw. So…I floor it!!! Made it to the other side. We catch up to the rest of them and Jenni yells to Tyler…Go back to the trailer NOW!!! He undid one of the gates for us to go out and onto the gravel road back to the campground. I couldn’t see where I was going but luckily we made it back without incident. Needless to say…Tyler was not on his Mother in Laws good side at that moment. One good smack to the shoulder made me feel better though!


(photo credit Jenni Lindsey)

See how thrilled I look? And this was way before the deep woods trek in the dark!!!

This is just another reason my life is MishapsandMayhem!

We came home shortly after returning to the campground because if it had gotten any darker we would not have been able to make it out of the park!!!  I felt better about the whole situation once I was safe at home! It might be something that I would try again…in the daytime.

I do have to say that I was so proud of both of the Grandkids. They drove those things like pros! They have been taught how to drive them. To obey all of the safety rules. I must say…I was impressed. I just want them to continue to be safe and not take for granted that everything is always ok. They need to pay  attention and follow the rules. I want them to have fun, and that is definitely a good family time for all of them. The safety of all of my family is my biggest concern!

Will you do something this week that is out of your comfort zone? If you do…let me hear about it!




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