Let Them Eat…Pineapple



Spent some time this weekend helping with a Bridal Shower for my soon-to-be  daughter-in-law. It turned out wonderful! Her mother and sister did such a great job putting things together and making it beautiful (just like her!) but more on that  later!

My job was to take care of some chicken salad croissants and fruit tray. I cut up oodles of fruit on Saturday so I would be ahead of the game for the Sunday shower. You know, the usual, strawberries, watermelon, apples, cantaloupe, grapes…well I didn’t cut the grapes…just washed and plucked them off the vines! And last but not least. A pineapple! Hubby loves pineapple! He didn’t get any. He’ll live….it was for a good cause! Anyway…for a while he has been wanting to try to take the top of a pineapple and see if we can get it to grow! So I said “Sure..we can try it. I just have to Google/Youtube it because I have no idea how.” And because I Google/Youtube EVERYTHING!!! I seriously do not know what I did before Google. Well, actually, I could ASK Jeeves. (Anybody remember ASK Jeeves?) But, Jeeves, was never near as good as Google! Anyway, I found this awesome video here and away we went! Below is the picture of what it looked like after I had pulled it away from the top of the pineapple and pulled some leaves off to expose the roots. Got it planted and we shall wait and see how it goes!


Hubby says he loves the way the plant looks, but I know that he is secretly trying to get this to work so that we can grow his very own pineapples to eat!!! I will keep you posted on the progress!



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