Hello November!

Here it is….November already! And if you live in Alabama the calendar is the only thing letting you know this is true. Mid to high 80’s on the thermometer again today. Everything is so dry that I would be afraid to send a little boy outside with a magnifying glass these days! Some people will get that…some won’t! The days are definitely getting shorter but we are all ready for some cooler temps and some water falling from the sky!

We had a pretty quiet Halloween here last night. Grandbabies came to visit, only a couple of random Trick or Treaters and a long overdue visit with a sweet sweet friend and her daughter! My fur babies even got in on the fun by wearing their Halloween T-shirts!


They get more food around their bowls than in their tummies sometimes!

And what about those Cubs? I just happened to turn on the game tonight and couldn’t believe that they were doing so good!!! It is looking like they are going to take it to game 7 and it could be anybody’s series! Good Luck Cubbies!

Billy Ray Cyrus has a new CD out and here is the first single. I am really liking it! I hope you do too!

Video courtesy of Youtube!

This really makes me want to take a drive up to Tennessee to “Singing Hills” and spend some time chatting with BRC!!!

Happy November!




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