Welcome to Manhattan


Although I live in the deep south….and love the food and the differences there are from here to where I grew up….sometimes I have to go back to my childhood and have some food from my memories! So some times that means Beef Manhattans! Or Turkey Manhattans…or chicken…or pork! When I was growing up…you just bought the boil-in-bag meats in the freezer section. Now it takes a little more effort because they don’t have those. I get roast beef in a can at either WalMart or Costco….Make some brown gravy with McCormicks gravy mix and then you can either toast the bread or leave it the way it is. You need to use a thicker bread, although just plain bread will work as well! You can also use a hamburger bun!

I like it with mashed potatoes…hubby likes it with french fries…either way is really good!!!! Make the sandwich…cut it in half….in the center place the fries or mashed potatoes…cover with gravy!!! Tonight we had corn on the cob…(from Indiana) and it was yummy!!!

It is always nice to have some comfort food to remind you of your childhood. What is your comfort food???

Let me know…

Love, Jo




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