Electronic Free Zone

Do you ever get tired of everyone around you having their face in some form of electronics? Maybe it’s a phone. It could be a laptop.  But it might be a tablet. Don’t get me wrong…I love my electronics too! But there are just some times that you need to spend time with the people who are around you and not be involved with your Facebook Page, your Twitter account or your Instagram! I have to confess that right now….I am on Twitter, but I don’t understand it so I don’t use it! I MAY have signed up for Instagram…but not sure and don’t use that either!!! I DO love Facebook and Blogher and reading the blogs that I love! I do love to play games on my Xbox 360! But there are times when we have a family gathering…I have to declare my house as an ELECTRONIC FREE ZONE! It is time to spend together at Mamaw’s house! Now, if we want to play an Xbox game TOGETHER as a family…(typically a Kinect game so we can be doing some moving, or we might play Monopoly or Cooking Mama) that is allowed because we are actually interacting with each other!!!

I know that I am not the only one who has issues going to family gatherings and holidays and you can’t really connect or have conversations because people have their face in their electronics!!!! I am sitting right across from you…trying to have a conversation….but you don’t even see that  because you are focused on your phone!!! GRRRRRR!!!!

There are times that I just want to have a basket on a table by the door and have everyone drop their electronics in it when they come in! That way there are no distractions and we can actually interact! And it isn’t just the kids! All are guilty! So tell me…how do YOU deal with this at your house????

Have a great weekend!







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