Julie & Julia…..take two

Ok…so I realize that my earlier post was a little vague. So I am going to expand on it just a bit. I watched the movie Julie & Julia yesterday after wanting to see it for a very long time. It is based on two true stories. One about Julia Child and her life and what led her to be the amazing Chef that she was. And Julie Powell a young New Yorker who wanted to be a writer, but decided to do a blog based on cooking every recipe in a cookbook by Julia Child. 365 days to cook 524 recipes!!!! I wasn’t exactly sure what the movie was about…but I have wanted to watch it for some time…because….yes….I am a foodie! I love food….I love to cook food….I love it when people love the food I cook!!!! So…after watching it….or in fact while I was watching it….I decided that I would love to do something like that! Now…a new recipe every day….or sometimes several recipes a day…is more than I would like to subject hubby to! But I thought….”We can do a couple new recipes a week for a year!” My next choice???? Which cookbook? Well…there were only two natural choices for me! It had to be either Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond or Paula Deen! I absolutely LOVE them both!!! Well…the votes are in and both the daughter and the hubby have said PIONEER WOMAN! So…I will be cooking at LEAST two recipes from her cookbook each week for the year of 2017 and I will be sharing my ¬†adventure with you!!!!!


Can’t wait to get started and share this journey with you!!!!

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