Two thumbs up!

So…today I made my first recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. It was the recipe for Beef Stew on pages 165 – 167. And all I can say is Oh My Word! I have NEVER had beef stew this good before!!!! This had my two thumbs up….Hubby’s two thumbs up…and if anyone else would have been here…they would have had their thumbs up too!!!! This is the most amazing, tasty and satisfying beef stew I have ever tasted!

I have to say that I, in my head, was questioning how tender things would have come out in the amount of time that is told to cook…but oh my….it came out perfect!!!! I can not begin to describe the flavor, the comfort factor, the amazing goodness of this beef stew!!! Hubby has already said that this is what he will be having for supper tomorrow!!! And I am pretty sure…IF there is any left after that….he will be eating it the next day too!!!  I am not going to go through the recipe or all of the steps because you can hop on over to Ree’s site and check out all of her great recipes! You will find the recipe on her site if you just search Beef Stew in her search bar!

Just want to share a few pictures with you of the process.! And Please…whatever you do….TRY THIS RECIPE!!! I don’t think you will be disappointed!!!!

So in short…brown the beef, chop the veg, saute the onions…add the other ingredients, simmer for a while and end up with this amazing goodness!!!!


So good!!!! Can’t wait to do the next recipe!!!


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