Food…GLORIOUS food!!!

I love to cook. I love to eat. Truth is…I love cooking more than eating! There is no greater pleasure than seeing people enjoying….TRULY enjoying…food I have made! Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE to EAT! Sometimes I feel like even though I love cooking and eating I hold myself  back because I don’t step out as much as I want to as far as trying new flavors. I look at a recipe and if there is an element in there that I don’t like…I walk away from it. I don’t embrace it and say….”It is only one part….I need to try it!” I usually think only about the part I don’t like and choose not to try it. This….is what this challenge is about! Hubs and I have decided that we need to step outside our comfort zone and try things that we normally would “cull”.Okay…I probably decided for Him that we were going to try some new things. But hey…luckily he trusts my judgement…and he likes to eat too!!! So far….we have loved everything we have tried! Again…I am trying recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cookbook “Food From My Frontier”. I am committing to cooking at least two recipes a week from this book for the whole year of 2017!!! So far…I am right on track!

Last night I made Crash Hot Potatoes! This is recipe #3!


They are from the cookbook! They are awesome! I will share a link to the recipe!

Tonight we had Chicken and Noodles that I cooked mostly in the crockpot. It is such an easy and satisfying dish!!! This is not a recipe from the cookbook. This is my own recipe!

I just put two Cans of Chicken broth, a can of Cream of Chicken soup, a can of Cream of Celery soup and three chicken breasts in the crock pot. I diced up three stalks of celery, 4 carrots and put them in. Cook on low for 10 hours. When I got home I added three tablespoons of Poultry gravy mix in the crockpot. I also salted and peppered to taste. These are the noodles I use. They are amazing with Chicken and Noodle or Beef and Noodle. You can find them in the freezer section at Wal-Mart!


I didn’t cook all of them but honestly…probably 4/5 of the bag. Boil them on the stove and then add them to the chicken and vegetables in the Crockpot. I let them simmer for about 30 minutes once they were added to the crockpot. With that I made some amazing Beer Biscuits! I just lucked up and spotted these the other night while I was at WalMart! But I can tell you…and hubby will agree..they are the BOMB!!!!

I can not even describe the texture of these biscuits! They are so soft, and fluffy and tasty! I  can only imagine all of the things I can do with these. I will be buying MANY boxes of these the next time I am at WalMart!

Honestly I had more pictures to share with you but for some reason technical difficulties are preventing me from sharing them with you tonight. Maybe I can post later and catch you up with the pics!

Have a great Hump Day tomorrow!

Cook on!










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