Too much or too little?

I often times find myself questioning…do I do too much or not enough? Most of the time I feel like I try to do more than I can do in a day. But then…I feel like I didn’t do near enough! I know we all have different stations in life, different goals and definitely different energy levels. I just question…what is “enough”? What is…”the norm”? I just feel like it is time to start taking things a little easier. Not sure how to make that happen or if I even can. Just pondering.

I started today by going to the dentist for a routine cleaning and check up. (I had to be there at 7 am). Got a great report. WHEW! Going to the dentist has never been an easy thing for me. Lots of dental work over the last couple of years has made me realize that I need to stay on top of things…and it’s not nearly as scary as it once was! Thank God for a wonderful dentist!!!

Left the dentist office heading to work. Got there too early so decided to go pick up some donuts for the girls at work. I like the people I work with and like to do random things. And hey, we like to eat!!! Had to open today so I had to be there earlier than normal. Being there earlier than normal is always a struggle for me and a stressful thing…but I am getting better at it!

Spent my day being a part of the management team at work. Also filling in for a full time person that is on vacation this week and the part time person that wasn’t there today because of scheduling. Can we say…dual roles…or would that  be triple roles?

Left work and went to the grocery store. Picked up what I needed to get…came home and put things away. Changed into my comfy clothes and got started.

Did some cleaning in the kitchen. Started some laundry. Picked up some around the house.

I had a shirt order that needed to go out so I went to my craft room to work on that. Then I realized I had to cut some vinyl for another project I have going. Cut the vinyl and came back to work on the shirts. Got the shirts done and now it is past time for dinner. I am not talking about a shirt or two…12 shirts. Actually 13 but didn’t get the last one done yet due to a size issue. Luckily we had already talked about the fact that we were having leftovers of the chicken and dressing  from the weekend. So I put the chicken and dressing in the oven to warm and made some sides to go with it.

Oh wait..past time for the pups to eat. Feed the dogs.

Now the trash is full. Take the trash out.

I still need to finish the laundry. It will get done before I go to bed. Or in the morning.

I have recorded shows I want to watch…to unwind. Instead I decided to blog. And I am sure that there are many more things that I could be doing, should be doing, or need to be doing right now. But I am saying…Enough is Enough….I should eat dinner..but it is way too late ….I had a very late lunch today so not even hungry.

In my mind I have many many many more things or projects I need to be doing right now…or in the very near future. I have crafting to do…cleaning to do…cooking to do…and giving to do. Family to spend time with…memories to make….and trips to be taken.

Maybe I need an assistant? To help with  scheduling. Maybe I need a maid? To help with cooking and cleaning. Maybe I need vitamins? To help with energy. I don’t know. Who knows what the answer is. I just know that I still can’t figure out….do I do too much or too little?




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