Where does all the time go?



I’m not sure where all of the time goes. I know that I have the same amount of time in my day as everyone else…but it seems to go by so quickly! Maybe it is because I am getting older and it takes me longer to do things! Maybe it’s because I try to cram too much into my day? I have so many things I want to do…so many things I want to make…so many people I want to share with…so many things I want to cook…and I still have to make a living! The pesky making a living thing. It get’s in the way sometimes of doing the other things…but it is a necessity!!! I think my issue is time management. Or maybe….I just need to move faster? Who knows! I have been working on a lot of different things….trying to get them to all come together in what I am trying to do to make the overall picture complete!!! I have my blog…I am working on my YouTube channel. I am trying to get my Etsy store going…and they are all linked to my motto…MishapsandMayhem…because it perfectly describes my life!!! There are always Mishaps and Mayhem going on…it wouldn’t be MY life if there wasn’t!!! The common thread is Mayhem. So please be patient…I will share when I can…as I can….and hopefully it will all come together to create the ME package that I have been working towards!!! You can find my YouTube channel by searching my name….Jo Dunagan…on YouTube. I have been doing some painting tutorials and a tshirt making tutorial. I will expand as time permits. Please check it out and leave me some feedback!!! I am working on my Etsy store and it should be going before long! It will go alot smoother once I have them all up and running and linked together! Thanks for your patience while I am working through this process!!!


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