Two thumbs up!

So…today I made my first recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook. It was the recipe for Beef Stew on pages 165 – 167. And all I can say is Oh My Word! I have NEVER had beef stew this good before!!!! This had my two thumbs up….Hubby’s two thumbs up…and if anyone else would have been here…they would have had their thumbs up too!!!! This is the most amazing, tasty and satisfying beef stew I have ever tasted!

I have to say that I, in my head, was questioning how tender things would have come out in the amount of time that is told to cook…but oh my….it came out perfect!!!! I can not begin to describe the flavor, the comfort factor, the amazing goodness of this beef stew!!! Hubby has already said that this is what he will be having for supper tomorrow!!! And I am pretty sure…IF there is any left after that….he will be eating it the next day too!!!  I am not going to go through the recipe or all of the steps because you can hop on over to Ree’s site and check out all of her great recipes! You will find the recipe on her site if you just search Beef Stew in her search bar!

Just want to share a few pictures with you of the process.! And Please…whatever you do….TRY THIS RECIPE!!! I don’t think you will be disappointed!!!!

So in short…brown the beef, chop the veg, saute the onions…add the other ingredients, simmer for a while and end up with this amazing goodness!!!!


So good!!!! Can’t wait to do the next recipe!!!


Julie & Julia…..take two

Ok…so I realize that my earlier post was a little vague. So I am going to expand on it just a bit. I watched the movie Julie & Julia yesterday after wanting to see it for a very long time. It is based on two true stories. One about Julia Child and her life and what led her to be the amazing Chef that she was. And Julie Powell a young New Yorker who wanted to be a writer, but decided to do a blog based on cooking every recipe in a cookbook by Julia Child. 365 days to cook 524 recipes!!!! I wasn’t exactly sure what the movie was about…but I have wanted to watch it for some time…because….yes….I am a foodie! I love food….I love to cook food….I love it when people love the food I cook!!!! So…after watching it….or in fact while I was watching it….I decided that I would love to do something like that! Now…a new recipe every day….or sometimes several recipes a day…is more than I would like to subject hubby to! But I thought….”We can do a couple new recipes a week for a year!” My next choice???? Which cookbook? Well…there were only two natural choices for me! It had to be either Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond or Paula Deen! I absolutely LOVE them both!!! Well…the votes are in and both the daughter and the hubby have said PIONEER WOMAN! So…I will be cooking at LEAST two recipes from her cookbook each week for the year of 2017 and I will be sharing my  adventure with you!!!!!


Can’t wait to get started and share this journey with you!!!!

Julie & Julia

I just watched this for the first time ever! I have been wanting to watch it for a long time and just have not made it a priority. Got it from Netflix in the mail yesterday and thought this dreary rainy last day off would be a perfect day to watch it! Now I totally want to do something like this!!!! Maybe not the whole cookbook…but maybe one or two recipes a week for a year! Now my decision is which cookbook to choose. I have two options!

I would love those who are reading this to help me choose which one to do!

Happy New Year!

Hello 2017…it’s nice to meet you! It will probably take me half a month to write 17 instead of 16 on the millions of things that I have to date on a daily basis at work.Anybody else struggle with this? For me…the struggle is real!

I am not sure where December went but it sure did fly by. I guess I was just so caught up in getting things done that I didn’t realize that I had not taken the time to blog…not even ONCE! Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread


Hubby and his parents went to Ireland in 2007 and when he came back of course we  had to discuss the food!!! The one thing that he raved about most of all was the Soda Bread that they served at all the restaurants. It is a very simple bread. Very dense and filling. He said that his tour guide, actually a family friend who was driving them all over Ireland, told him that this bread has fed the people of Ireland for over 1000 years!  Of course, I had to scour the internet for recipes for this bread. I had to try it! I found one recipe that was good, but he said not exactly right. So I searched again. BOOM! Found the perfect recipe!

Fast forward from 2007 to 2009 when hubby and I got married. He was still so in love with what he had experienced in Ireland that I decided that we were going to have an Irish themed wedding. One of the things to be included was the Soda Bread. My BFF and her hubby were here from Indiana and together She and I made 12 to 14 loaves of this bread. 13 of them made it to the reception. The other loaf was devoured by the guys as we were slaving over the hot oven! The family friend who acted as tour guide while they were in Ireland is the brother of another family friend who is from Dublin but lives in Cullman. We asked him to speak at our wedding. It was very nice of him to deliver a very nice speech in his Irish brogue. We were very grateful. After he finished his speech he came up to me and said…”That bread is EXACTLY what we eat all the time  in Ireland, it is what I grew up on!” And then he said…”Do you think it would be possible for me to take a loaf home with me?” ABSOLUTELY!!! I was so flattered that a true Irishman loved my bread so much!

I have lost count of how many loaves of this I have actually made over the years! We love it with vegetable soup and my husbands Grandpa’s stew. I made it the other night along with Shepperd’s Pie. I will share the recipe for Shepperd’s Pie soon! This bread only has 4 ingredients and is SOOOOOOO easy to make! Here is how you do it!



2 cups all purpose flour

2 cups wheat flour

2 cups buttermilk

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

Preheat oven to 450

In a large bowl put in dry ingredients, mix, and make a well in the center. Pour buttermilk in the well and mix until all ingredients are mixed together.( You can also just pour all ingredients into your kitchenaid and mix with your bread hook.) If mixing by hand in a bowl, it will be very sticky. Just form a ball with the dough and place it on a baking sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick spray. Sprinkle he top with a little bit of flour and just kind of spread it around over the top. Take sharp knife and cut a deep cross into the top of the bread. Cutting probably 2/3 of the way into the bread. It will look like this!


Bake at 450 for 15 minutes. Reduce oven temp to 400 and bake for another 15 minutes. I usually make two loaves at a time and still bake for the same amount of time with two loaves on one cookie sheet.

Give this easy bread a try! It is soup season and this will go perfectly with any soup you are serving!






Now..on to Other News….

Whew…I am sure there are many many people who went through today suffering from sleep deprivation from watching the results last night! And I have to confess…I am one of them! But now it is time to move on! It is what it is…America has spoken…and it is time to press on…and what that means is….


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! There are only 46 sleeps until Christmas! That means there are only 6 weekends to shop! I got an early start..but then didn’t keep the momentum up…but I need to pick it up and get this done!!! I am notorious for wrapping gifts in the early morning on Christmas. That.Will.Not.Happen.This.Year!!! Trying to get focused…get it done…and not be rushed and actually enjoy the holidays!!!

What do YOU do? Last minute? Plan and get it done early? Frantic and exhausted? Do you stress? Or no stress? Please leave me a comment and tell me about YOUR holiday happenings!!!

Can’t wait to hear from you,


Edge of My Seat

Sitting here..watching the results. I voted…as did much of the United States. Now we wait!  Nerves are on edge. We are watching from the edge of our seats! We have our is the same for everyone who has an interest and votes. But now…the results are coming in. I believe this is going to go down in history…for it appears that it is not unfolding as expected. Stay tuned……for tomorrow….hopefully…..we will know who will be the next President!!!!