If My Mom Had a Blog in the 70’s

I can assure you that if my Mom had a blog in the 1970’s it would definitely be different than the blogs of today. Here is what I imagine it would look like!




Finally…my day off. Well I guess I should say that I didn’t have to go to work at the dry cleaners today. Six days of 12 hour shifts are about killing me. I wish I had the day off. Today consisted of going to PayLess to get the groceries, then I had to run to Kmart to pick up a few things. Hubby is playing golf…again….so it is up to me to get this stuff done. I took the girls with me and that always turns into a fiasco. My two girls always have to have the two neighbor girls come with us. I swear they are inseparable! They are together all day long, every day all summer long. You would think that they could be apart long enough to get our errands run but no….they can’t stand it. Sometimes it is just easier to let them come to avoid the pouting and  foot dragging that I have to endure during the shopping if they don’t come. The only thing worse than the foot dragging is the fussing and jumping around in the back seat on the way there and back. I swear…one of these days one of them are going to go flying right out the window. It won’t surprise me a bit.  As always…they talked me into buying all four of them paddle ball’s at Kmart and within 10 minutes of getting home two of the four had already broken the rubberband that holds the ball to the paddle. There is no fixing it. Now it will just be a good paddle for their behinds! That was a wasted dollar. I did find a good buy on the Banquet Boil-n-bag meats that we like to make our Manhattans. PayLess had them on sale 5/1.00 so I got 10! That will make for a good dinner tonight. Hubby just loves the Salsbury Steak but the girls like the turkey the best. Not a bad price so Hubby can have 2 bags…he will be happy about that!

I went down to the basement to start some laundry after we got home from shopping and you guessed it….the stupid Sump Pump wasn’t working again and there was water a foot deep when I got down there!  I had to wait until Hubby got home from playing golf to fix it. I swear I don’t know how long my washer and dryer is going to last down there! How many times can they be in that much water before they just rust completely away? I just hope nobody gets electrocuted stepping out of the steps and into the basement! Taking that last step is always a bit scary! Maybe I can get him to build me a wooden platform like the neighbor has so that way they would be up out of the water a little more. Or maybe we could get a sump pump that actually works when it should…that would be great! After dealing with the mess of the flooded basement and trying to get laundry started I realized I didn’t have time to cook the boil-n-bags tonight and make the Manhattans so I just sent the girls to the store to get some Ham Salad, Pepsi and cigarettes. Maybe I can cook another day this week.


Another 12 hour day today. This 6am to 6 pm is killing me. I have been doing it so long I wouldn’t know what to do with a regular 8 hour day. My boss started another sale on dry cleaning today…10 cents for shirts and 15 cents for pants. We were busier than we have been for a while. The summer is a slower time so he always runs these specials. They bring in the business but with no air in there  it really takes a toll on you. We even had both double doors all the way up today and with both fans going we couldn’t get a good air circulation going. I know I will regret saying this later..but I am ready for winter!

Got home from work and of course the girls were at the park. They only halfway did their chores today and when their Dad got home he found a dirty fork in the silverware drawer. He swears that the next time he finds a dirty dish they are going to have to wash every dish in the house. And drink the water! I believe he will do it. I had to call them in for dinner at 7 o’clock after I got the Manhattans made. Hubby was happy that he got to have two! The girls did the dishes and then wanted to go right back outside..because…”everybody else is outside…why do we have to come in so early?” Well if everybody else jumped off a bridge would they do it too? Probably.


Well…it is going to be a long summer. I called the girls today at Noon just like I always do to make sure they are inside doing their chores and not outside at the hottest part of the day and they didn’t answer. They  know they have to be in the house from Noon to Two. I don’t want them having a heat stroke. I called again and still no answer. So I called the girls next door. All four of them were there. Having lunch and helping with their chores. When I asked if they had THEIR chores done at home they said NO that they were helping them first and then all four were going to our house to do their chores there. How hard is it to just do your own chores and be at your house when you know I am going to call to check? I told them if it happened again they would be grounded for two weeks. They better be there when I call tomorrow. And they better have their chores done tomorrow when I get home because I am having some friends and neighbors over for a Home Interiors Party. I will have to stop and get some snacks on my way home so I won’t have time to tidy up before the party. Hubby has his Union Meetings on Wednesday so that is the best night for me. I am hoping to sell enough to earn those white wicker sconces that I have had my eyes on for a while. Maybe even the gold candle cups to go with them!


I am so excited to announce that I had such a good Home Interior Party that I was able to get the Sconces, the gold candle cups AND the white wicker butterflies too! We had such a good time. All of the snacks I got were a hit too. We had those little fancy cookies from PayLess, I made a platter of cheese, bologna and braunschwaiger with crackers. Assorted chips and of course Tab and Fresca to drink. The only thing that didn’t go so well was that one of the party goers, I’m not totally positive of who…but I think I know who, forgot about her cigarette in the ashtray and it burnt a place on my coffee table!!! The party didn’t get over until almost 9 and Hubby was late coming in from his Union meeting so it was Ham Salad sandwiched for supper…again.


I called the girls at lunch and surprise surprise…they were actually home doing their chores! They better be glad because they sure don’t want to miss out on their park time any time soon. They brought a new load of sand for the sandbox today and every kid in the neighborhood is over there just having a blast! I bet you money if I look in my kitchen right now I have a few missing bowls and spoons and I am sure that they are right over there in that sandbox!!! If it isn’t my spoons and bowls it’s the roll of wax paper to use on the slide. They get that thing so slick that someone is going to get hurt flying off the end of  it.

Oh my word! As I was writing my post I looked out the window into the park to check on the girls and you will not believe what they were doing! They had the trash barrel turned on it’s side and they were standing on it and walking it around the park! ALL 4 OF THEM!!! Lord have mercy I don’t know how they stay alive! Last week they had the picnic table pulled up to the swing set and were standing on it while on the swing and swinging off! I don’t know where they get these ideas! They are all little dare devils. Well…it’s 10:30 and Frazier’s closes at 11 and I really need a  Chocolate Pecan sundae…I think I’m gonna send the girls up there to get me one….they have plenty of time to make it up there on their bikes it’s only about 10 blocks away.


This post is going to be short because it is late and I am tired. On a bright  note…I don’t have to work tomorrow!!! But I do have to get up and make cookies or brownies or something for the Ice Cream Social for the girls school tomorrow. I might make a cake for the cake walk…I haven’t decided yet. I went and played bingo after work tonight. I did pretty good…I won a few dollars and a black and white tv!!!! We already have one in the bedroom so I think I am going to surprise the girls tomorrow and let them put it in their bedroom! They will be so happy! I’m not really sure how big it is…maybe a 12 inch not sure but it will be better than nothing! I stopped at McDonald’s after bingo and got the girls and hubby some supper. They were sound asleep when I got home at midnight but they all woke up long enough to eat and went right back to sleep.


I got up this morning and started some laundry. Then I had to run to PayLess and get the stuff to make for the Ice Cream Social. I decided to make cookies and a cake for the cake walk. I got the stuff to make a roast and potatoes for dinner so I got that on the stove and going before we went to the school. It was SO HOT out there on that playground. There were lots of people there and I think all of the girls had a good time. Me and the girls Mom sat together and chatted and smoked while the girls played tether ball and chinese jump rope. They love to  play Red Rover but one of them ALWAYS ends up crying about something that happened during the game. Nobody got hurt playing dodgeball this time…miracles never cease!!! The roast turned out really good and the girls won a cake at the cake walk and we had that for desert. The girls are camping out in the backyard tonight. They love to do that. All four of them take their sleeping bags, zip them together, and hang them over the clothesline in the neighbors back yard. They took snacks and drinks, they have their records and record player. They ran an extension cord out of their bedroom window and they even took their TV out there! I’m sure all of the neighborhood kids are out there right now! I will have to run them off before long. It’s almost midnight and I am ready to hit the hay.


Well I had a pretty relaxing day today. The kids played outside all day and hubby was playing golf so I pretty much had the house to myself. I finished the laundry, did some cleaning and cooked some supper. The only excitement of the day was when two of the girls got in a fight while they were down the street roller skating. I don’t know how may times they have been told not to skate on that driveway but all of the kids just gather there when the people that live there leave. They say it’s because it is the smoothest flattest place on the circle to skate! It seems like I am always playing referee. For four girls that are inseparable they sure do squabble! It is never anything major…just little spats that need an adult to help work them out. They were fussing one minute and the next minute they were wanting to walk to the store. I let them go because I needed some Tab and cigarettes and it got them out of my hair for a while! I know they are going to come home with a mouthful of Bub’s Daddy Bubble gum…which wouldn’t  be so bad if it wasn’t that all four of them will have a different flavor! Sour Apple, Grape, Watermelon and Bubble Gum. When you mix it all together it is more than I can stand. They will have to stay outside until the flavor wears off! It has been a pretty typical week here in the circle…it will all start over again in the morning!! Happy Sunday!

Here are a few pics of “The Girls” and “The Neighborhood Kids” referred to in the post. These are remakes of pictures from “back in the day”.







Where Does the Time Go?

I know…I seriously….SERIOUSLY…need to get better at this blogging deal. I do not know where the time goes!!! I am way behind on posting the recipes I have made from Pioneer Woman. I have other stuff that I have cooked that I want to share. I even have pics to prove it! I mean…I have been doing stuff!!! I promise!!! I have also been trying to remake my craft room!!!! Maybe I have too much going on!!!! So this could be a totally random post..with a quick look at some stuff that I will hopefully follow up on….very soon!!!!! I am not sure what direction it will take. Hang out and see!!!

Made Santa Fe Soup yesterday. I love it! I got this recipe totally by accident but it has become one of my favorite comfort food soups over the years!

Many many years ago….(I started in 1992) I worked at Winn Dixie. If you are from the south you know that Winn Dixie is a popular grocery store brand. I loved that job. Really. I worked there until 1999. I had the best boss….ever. He still has a special place in my heart. I need to go visit him!!! Anyway…I was the Head Cashier and that meant that I was in charge of the front of the store. The cashiers, the service desk and the office. Many different things go on at the grocery store office that many people don’t realize. We sold Money orders, sent money via Western Union, cashed checks, sold cigarettes and basically was the overseer of the front of the store. We also had to deal with the ATM and the copy machine. The copy machine…that is where this whole story comes in! People had to pay 10 cents per page to copy things. Remember…this was the 90’s. People didn’t have the kinds of printers, scanners, copiers that are available today! So if there was an issue when someone was making copies I had to deal with it. Oh…it’s out of paper? Let me help you with that. Not a clear copy? Let me help you with that. Put money in and didn’t get credit? Let me help you with that! But this day…someone had left their recipe on the copier. It was a hand written recipe for Santa Fe Soup. I looked at it after the customer gave it to me. Hmmm…looks interesting. I like all of those things. I like soup. I am going to try it! It has been a staple in my house ever since!!!! So here you go….introducing Santa Fe Soup!

Santa Fe Soup

2 lbs hamburger, if you buy at WalMart…the 2.25 lb will work

1 onion, chopped. ( or use one pack of frozen diced onions)

1 can black beans

1 can pinto beans

1 can kidney beans

3 cans shoepeg corn

1 can corn

2 cans diced tomatoes

1 can Rotel

3 cans water (14.5 ox can)

2 pkg Taco Seasoning mix

2 pkg Ranch Dressing mix

Tortilla chips, sour cream and shredded cheese for topping.

Brown the ground beef and onions in a large pot. Drain if needed. Add beans, corn, tomatoes, Rotel, Taco Seasoning, Ranch Dressing mix and water. Bring to boil over medium high heat. Reduce to medium low and then simmer. I like to simmer for several hours just  because it gives it time for all of the flavors to marry. It gets better every time it is heated up too…just like most soups. Serve it this way……crushed tortilla’s on the bottom of the bowl. (Hubby likes Frito’s instead) Soup on top covered with cheese and add sour cream to your liking. The cheese and sour cream  makes it!!!! Very satisfying comfort food!!!


Today I also made some Monster Cookies! Not from scratch but from some cookie dough that my Grandson Landon was selling for school!


Pretty yummy!

So this was my crazy weird random post for today. I hope to get things caught up soon! I have made some pretty amazing food and want to share it with you! Along with the make over of my craft room!

Stay tuned!

Have an awesome week!







Off Road…like it or not

There is absolutely nothing like being hijacked by your family! You would think that sooner or later I would figure it out and not let it happen…but NOOO…not me! They got me again!

Sooo….Hubby and I were invited to our local OHV Park  to see our
Grandaughter get her birthday present. She is going to be 11 years old soon….I have no idea where the time goes! Anyway…we went down to the park and sang Happy Birthday, had cake and ice cream and waited for the big birthday surprise! Now…I have to say here that this Mamaw was not at all excited about what the birthday gift was but no amount of talking was going to do any good in changing the minds of her parents. So what do you do? You suck it up. Bite your tongue as best you can. And be excited that she got exactly what she wanted for her birthday!


I feel the need to repeat that she is going to be ELEVEN! She is not even really that comfortable riding her bike yet! YIKES!!! It is almost more than this Mamaw can handle. My daughter should be glad that I was too  young and naive when she was growing up to even begin to think of all the things that could go wrong or dangers that were around each corner. Trust me…we have discussed this. Her childhood would have been way different if I would have had her later in life. But…I digress. So…Grandaughter (I’ll call her K) got a brand new 4 wheeler to ride at the OHV Park. Her brother got one for his birthday last year and they have been riding it for a little while now. I honestly didn’t think this was something she would ever want because she is alot like me. As her Momma says…”Girlie”. We don’t like to get dirty. We don’t like to do scary things. We like frilly…crafty…girlie things. Well…it looks like they might be winning her over to the other side because she LOVES to ride the trails! Who would have ever thought?! Certainly not Me. Here she is…she looks girlie to me!



There she is getting her present. She absolutely loved it! Brand new and BLUE!

So the parents say we are going to all go down and watch the kids go around the kid track. They had two off road vehicles there so the guys got in one with Tyler driving and Me and Jenni got in the other one. I was driving because well…I am not a good passenger! So off we go. I had never even been in a vehicle like this before let alone drove one at a place that I had never been either. Tyler and Richie were leading the pack with C (grandson) on his 4 wheeler with his passenger in tow, then K on hers and me and Jenni following…we were the caboose. Just in case the kids needed help there was someone in front and someone in back. So…we get to the kids track….Tyler leads a lap around. I will be honest. I didn’t even want to go down the very first hill that you had to go down to get on the track!!! But I go down and go around. Now…this is not just a flat track…it had mud holes all over the place!!!  NOT A FAN!!! I went around one time and then pulled into the middle. My intent for even going was to be able to get pictures  of the kids riding. I went to WATCH!!! No where in any of this was it mentioned that I would be participating in a RIDE!


(photo credit Jenni Lindsey)

What was I saying as she was trying to take this picture  you ask? I was saying…you better get a good one because I am getting off this thing and this will be the last time you get me in it. And that was after one lap around the “10 and UNDER” track! Oh…I forgot to mention the 6 year old who we passed driving over to the track! He passed us…flipped us the peace sign…and flew on by!!! WHAT?!?!!!??


Just a couple pictures of K going around the kid track.

And here is one of C and his passenger A.


I haven’t mentioned this but…he is only 9!!! WHEW….too much for this Mamaws heart to take sometimes.

So after they spent a little while going around the track we headed back to the trailer. Or did we. The son in law is actually the manager at the OHV park and he decided to take us on a tour while we were out and about. I kept telling Jenni that I didn’t want to go but she kept telling me it would be ok because he was going places the kids could go and we had to follow because we were the caboose. I trudged on. Not willingly. He took us to places that I did not want to go! I had a hard enough time on the kids track…why in the world did he think that it would be ok to take me out in the WOODS just as it was turning dark….on trails that had massive mud holes…and HILLS! IN THE DARK!!! We came down and then up one hill, turned the corner, and C and his passenger were STUCK right in the middle of this big mud puddle. Jenni tried to call Tyler…she didn’t get him so she got out and had to go help C get unstuck out of the mud hole. I tried to call Tyler too so he could come back and help get them unstuck….NO PHONE SERVICE!!! Great….it is now almost dark. I am in the woods on this off road vehicle not knowing where I am or how far it is until I get back to civilization. When Jenni came back I said…”You need to tell Tyler to get me out of these D*!# woods right now!!! She got back in and we went forward. Now K is stuck. Tyler is trying to help her. C goes past and he is right behind the lead vehicle waiting for them to get K loose. Because she is stuck in an even bigger mud hole than the earlier one, he is over to the side of the front vehicle in a weird position. She is gunning the gas and just spinning and slinging water and mud everywhere!!! I was hoping that Tyler was getting most of it! Haha! Unfortunately, K got most of it. He got her out and they took off K right behind them. But guess what. C was stuck again because of the spot he was in. Jenni has to go up and get him. This mud hole was several yards long!!! She says…”Just let me get him going and you come pick me up on the other side”. Really. I have to drive through this thing by myself? And everyone else is already out of sight. What if I get stuck? No phone service. It’s dark. I am one unhappy Mamaw. So…I floor it!!! Made it to the other side. We catch up to the rest of them and Jenni yells to Tyler…Go back to the trailer NOW!!! He undid one of the gates for us to go out and onto the gravel road back to the campground. I couldn’t see where I was going but luckily we made it back without incident. Needless to say…Tyler was not on his Mother in Laws good side at that moment. One good smack to the shoulder made me feel better though!


(photo credit Jenni Lindsey)

See how thrilled I look? And this was way before the deep woods trek in the dark!!!

This is just another reason my life is MishapsandMayhem!

We came home shortly after returning to the campground because if it had gotten any darker we would not have been able to make it out of the park!!!  I felt better about the whole situation once I was safe at home! It might be something that I would try again…in the daytime.

I do have to say that I was so proud of both of the Grandkids. They drove those things like pros! They have been taught how to drive them. To obey all of the safety rules. I must say…I was impressed. I just want them to continue to be safe and not take for granted that everything is always ok. They need to pay  attention and follow the rules. I want them to have fun, and that is definitely a good family time for all of them. The safety of all of my family is my biggest concern!

Will you do something this week that is out of your comfort zone? If you do…let me hear about it!




Recipes 5 and 6

I absolutely have to get better at this! Or….not have such a crazy life. But…wait…my crazy life is why I named this Mishapsandmayhem! So…I should be ok with the craziness! So…I did make two new Pioneer Woman recipes this week….TODAY! But I also did some other stuff…so….it is all good! I had a meeting out of town for work on Thursday this week. We usually bring snacks to these meetings and I always struggle with what to bring! I ALWAYS want to bring some great recipe that I made the night before….but sometimes that does not happen! Sometimes….I just end up picking up some Chex Mix or some other snacky type item. But this time…wait for it…..I actually baked something!!!! Chocolate Chip Pan Cookies! I love these! I used to make these all of the time! When I lived in Virginia, a very long time ago, my ex-husband was in the Navy, I made these all of the time!!! The guys who lived on the ship…The John F. Kennedy CV-67, loved them!!! They are so easy to make…and so yummy! Basically you just make the TollHouse Cookie recipe on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse chips bag but you cook it all in a 13×9 pan until it is golden. Well…maybe a little more than golden. If you take it to golden it is usually not done in the middle. It had been a long time since I made them and they were not as done as I like them. Honestly…now I can’t remember how long it said to bake them, but add 10 minutes to that time and then check them! Of course…this is all based on how your oven does! Here are a few pics of my process!

I think they were a hit! If you like a glass of cold milk…these are the perfect side!

Here is what I made today…which is recipe 5 and 6. Today I made Ribeyes with Onion-Blue Cheese Sauce and Twice-baked New Potatoes.

It was amazing! Loved the sauce with the steak! Not a fan of Blue Cheese but that is what this challenge of mine is all about. Pay no attention to the ingredients but adapt to the flavors. I will do this again!!!! As you notice on the finished plate…I made Jalapeno poppers too! YUMMY!!!

So..don’t hesitate to try something new. You never know what you will find!

Have a great week!



Pot Roast….take 3!

There is absolutely a reason I named this blog Mishapsandmayehem! It is the story of my life! If it isn’t one thing it is another! Most days the struggle is real for me! Sometimes the simplest of things turns into a major fiasco! Just like the story I am about to share with you! So….I found this great deal on Beef Chuck Roast at Publix….buy one get one free. AWESOME!!!! I buy two. After all….two for the price of one! SCORE!!! Sunday morning…cook breakfast…put a roast and potatoes and carrots in the Crockpot to cook all day, win win for me so I can mess around on my computer and learn some stuff that I have been working on. Rewind…got breakfast done and realized I needed to warm up some “grits” that I had purchased at Publix. Yes they were already made…don’t judge….I just wanted to try them out! Put them in the microwave and went on about my business. Then I realized I hadn’t heard the microwave timer go off. Checked the microwave. It seemed totally dead. I thought…”well it has finally played out…time for a new one.” Took the grits and heated them in the pan on the stove. All is well. But then after breakfast when I went to put things away in the fridge I realized the fridge wasn’t on either. Oh no….hubby checked the breaker and sure enough….it had been tripped.Too much going on at one time apparantly.  He fixed it and all is well. So I go in and start messing with my computer and the things that I was trying to figure out. Fast forward…three and a half hours later. I go in the kitchen to get a drink of water….look at the crockpot and realize…it has been off since the power issue!!!! It never even crossed my mind that the crockpot had turned itself off!  I take no chances when it comes to food. Soooo…..bye bye pot roast. We have another one…I can cook it in my electric pressure cooker in no time…everything will be fine. I run to town. Get what I needed to make my Pioneer Woman recipe for the day. Grab some more potatoes and return home. I start on the recipe and at the same time…brown the roast and prepare it all and put it in the electric pressure cooker. I cook the roast first.Then add the vegetables  and start it again. I know from past experience that it still takes a while to cook a roast to very tender in the pressure cooker. I start the timer, and as in the past, it doesn’t time. But I also know that, from past experience, it still cooks even if it isn’t timing. So I let time rock on, while I am making my brownies, and check the roast in about an hour or so. The potatoes are still hard! What?!!!??? Not sure why, but, I start it again, and let it go for another half hour. The vegetables were very tender and tasty. The roast…definitely NOT the texture we like our roast!Very disappointed.

So…today…I went back to Publix. Bought two more roasts. (Remember…buy one get one free!) Came home and cooked it in my cast iron dutch oven on the stove..and guess what…it came out PERFECT! The moral of the story is…you can have all of these fancy gadgets to cook with…and they are wonderful! But sometimes you just have to use the tried and true method!


So….my second recipe for last week was “Knock you Naked Brownies”. I have to say that they are pretty tasty! And very rich!!!!


Very chocolatey with a caramel layer! You use a German Chocolate cake mix, caramels, evaporated milk and chopped pecans. She recommends sprinkling with powdered sugar but I am not one to like that so I opted to not sprinkle. Here are just a few of the pictures of the process. I will add a link to her recipe later!!!

It wasn’t a long or hard process, but honestly…I am not used to working with caramels and it seemed like it took longer than necessary to melt these bad boys down into the spreadable creamy goodness! But, that’s just me!!! I think this recipe is a winner! I can’t wait to have some with some vanilla ice cream on them!!!

Have an awesome week!


Food…GLORIOUS food!!!

I love to cook. I love to eat. Truth is…I love cooking more than eating! There is no greater pleasure than seeing people enjoying….TRULY enjoying…food I have made! Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE to EAT! Sometimes I feel like even though I love cooking and eating I hold myself  back because I don’t step out as much as I want to as far as trying new flavors. I look at a recipe and if there is an element in there that I don’t like…I walk away from it. I don’t embrace it and say….”It is only one part….I need to try it!” I usually think only about the part I don’t like and choose not to try it. This….is what this challenge is about! Hubs and I have decided that we need to step outside our comfort zone and try things that we normally would “cull”.Okay…I probably decided for Him that we were going to try some new things. But hey…luckily he trusts my judgement…and he likes to eat too!!! So far….we have loved everything we have tried! Again…I am trying recipes from The Pioneer Woman Cookbook “Food From My Frontier”. I am committing to cooking at least two recipes a week from this book for the whole year of 2017!!! So far…I am right on track!

Last night I made Crash Hot Potatoes! This is recipe #3!


They are from the cookbook! They are awesome! I will share a link to the recipe!

Tonight we had Chicken and Noodles that I cooked mostly in the crockpot. It is such an easy and satisfying dish!!! This is not a recipe from the cookbook. This is my own recipe!

I just put two Cans of Chicken broth, a can of Cream of Chicken soup, a can of Cream of Celery soup and three chicken breasts in the crock pot. I diced up three stalks of celery, 4 carrots and put them in. Cook on low for 10 hours. When I got home I added three tablespoons of Poultry gravy mix in the crockpot. I also salted and peppered to taste. These are the noodles I use. They are amazing with Chicken and Noodle or Beef and Noodle. You can find them in the freezer section at Wal-Mart!


I didn’t cook all of them but honestly…probably 4/5 of the bag. Boil them on the stove and then add them to the chicken and vegetables in the Crockpot. I let them simmer for about 30 minutes once they were added to the crockpot. With that I made some amazing Beer Biscuits! I just lucked up and spotted these the other night while I was at WalMart! But I can tell you…and hubby will agree..they are the BOMB!!!!

I can not even describe the texture of these biscuits! They are so soft, and fluffy and tasty! I  can only imagine all of the things I can do with these. I will be buying MANY boxes of these the next time I am at WalMart!

Honestly I had more pictures to share with you but for some reason technical difficulties are preventing me from sharing them with you tonight. Maybe I can post later and catch you up with the pics!

Have a great Hump Day tomorrow!

Cook on!










Recipe # 2 in the Books!


Pioneer Woman Sloppy Joes!!! And I have to say that we were not disappointed! So much more flavor than any other that we had ever had!


Lots of levels of flavor in these, they don’t just taste like hamburger with ketchup! She suggests serving them on a toasted Kaiser roll, but I bought French Hamburger buns at Publix and buttered them and toasted them in my cast iron skillet and they tasted really good with them!


We also thought of many more of the sandwiches that I make that will taste good on these too!

I think we are really going to enjoy this adventure of trying The Pioneer Woman’s recipes each week of the year. I will definitely be posting our reviews.

Have an awesome week!